Our Departments

Human resource is the most important resource in any entity and in order to make the best out of it, new positions will need to be filled up in order to smooth operations and allows working relationship for optimum outcomes. This new structure will provide clear lines of responsibility and accountability among the workforce and to promote working relationship. The organization chart for WEDAC depicts a small, flat organization of low-level structural complexity. In the new structure functional areas are limited to two departments, which are:
1. Operation Department.
2. Finance and Administration Department.

Operation Department

The Head of Operations will be instrumental in driving the success of WEDAC’s operations and thus overall business performance of the company. The functional scope of operations is widely spread and touches on all aspects of the management in the organization. Specifically, the focus of the operations function is to ensure the delivery of market responsive products and services. It is the core functional area that provides an interface between WEDAC and its clientele and will therefore be responsible for monitoring the achievement of the social objectives of the institution. The senior credit officer is currently overseeing all operations issues assisted by other credit officers.

Finance and Administration Department

Financial Management is a vital function in any organization and particularly so in a financial services delivery institution. The function shall be structured to encompass four major areas, namely (i) financial planning and budgeting, (ii) accounting, (iii) financial analysis and reporting and the (iv) Treasury function.

The Finance Manager plays a central role in the formulation of institutional strategies at all levels of the organization including strategies to improve operational and financial performance, positioning the institution to meet the regulatory and supervisory challenges, implementing options directed at the enhancement of operational efficiency, identification of financial management capacity gaps, drawing up financial plans and budgets, effective management of assets and liabilities, treasury management and involvement in market/product research activities to facilitate interpretation of financial implications of product improvement and new product development decisions.

Meantime the position is vacant, however, the accountant is expected to perform some of the above-mentioned functions of the finance manager.  The position of the finance manager will be filled later as the business grows.

MIS Function

Currently WEDAC has 11 staff whom most of them have been with the institution for quite long time. Important of staff in business cannot be emphasized this is due the 3p principal which says that.
“To transform the business, you must transform people,”
“To build the business, you must build the people and”
“To grow the business you must grow the people”