Welcome to Wedac Tanzania

WEDAC is a company limited by guarantee registered on 26th June 2000 under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 212) of the laws of Tanzania. With its headquarters in Monduli district, WEDAC was incorporated to take over the operations formally carried out by Monduli Rural Credit Scheme for Women (MRCSW) an institution started by Monduli District Council in 1993 with the objective to meet the credit needs of rural women in Monduli District.

In June 1995 the MRCSW ownership moved from the district council to a community based NGO called Komoloniki Integrated Development Organisation (KIDO) and in 1997 a DANIDA consultancy carried out an appraisal of the project proposal for the second phase of the credit scheme and recommended a legal incorporation of a new entity separating the credit scheme from KIDO, and thus the incorporation of WEDAC as a company limited by guarantee. WEDAC has since then widened the scope of its geographical coverage to include other areas outside Monduli including Hanang and Mbulu Districts of Manyara Region.


Vision, Mission and Specific Objectives

Vision: To become a model rural focused Microfinance Institution in provision of affordable financial services in Arusha and Manyara Regions.

Mission: To improve the standard of living among rural households through provision of affordable financial services mainly to women.

Specific Objectives: In order to fulfil the mission and vision mentioned above, WEDAC has

Set the following objectives among others:

  • Financing women entrepreneurs through provision of credit;
  • Promoting and supporting rural women to establish and implement economically profitable and sustainable enterprises
  • Assisting agribusinesses undertaken by women through technical assistance/support
What We Do


Can be provided through the following things below:-

  • Training in entrepreneur skills
  • Capacity building by provision of small loans to enable poor rural women to strt and establish their own business
  • coming soon


Contact Us

General Manager

Mary Joan Msonsa

Email : maryjoan.msonsa@wedac.or.tz

Phone no: +255 765 761 162

Operation Manager

Elisha Zakayo

Email: elisha.zakayo@wedac.or.tz

Phone no: +255 714 641 316

Wedac ltd

Email: administrator@wedac.or.tz

Phone no:  255(27) 2538074

Address: P.O. Box 156, Monduli | Arusha

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