To improve the standard of living among rural households through provision of affordable inclusive financial services mainly to women

Who Are We?

WEDAC is a microfinance institution focuses on provision of financial services to rural households mainly women.

The institution’s head office is located in Monduli district and currently operates using village centers to reach rural clients. The institution operates in two regions namely Arusha and Manyara. In Arusha it covers Monduli district while in Manyara it operates in Hanang, Babati, and Mbulu districts. Future plan is to cover all the districts in Arusha and Manyara before going to other regions.

“Registered on 26th June 2000 with registration no. 39541 ”

Our Core Values


Transparency, accountability, and efficiency in our dealing with others


Worth of trust, dependable, faithful and authentic.


Openness empowers and enable us to develop consistency in how we present the truth.

Reasonably priced

Not exploitative price to our clients


Competence, respect, care and value our customers

Our Governance Structure

The Governance of WEDAC Limited is structured on corporate best practices for effective distribution of responsibilities, exercise of authority and accountability at all levels.

See Our Governance Structure

Our Objectives/Goals


Outreach Enhencement

To enhance outreach in term of growth in the number of clients and portfolio to the target market.



To achieve breakeven and become sustainable.


Maintaining Portfolio Quality

To maintain the portfolio quality at a level acceptable by industry standards.


Productivity and Efficiency

To enhance productivity and efficiency in order to become more competitive in the market.



To provide Business education in order to build capacity to households.

Our Specific Objectives

WEDAC Microfinance has set itself the following objectives, among others

(a) Financing women entrepreneurs through provision of credit.
(b) Promoting and supporting rural women to establish and implement economically profitable and sustainable enterprises.
(c) Assisting agribusinesses undertaken by women through technical assistance/support.
(d) Capacity building of the entrepreneurs to impart the necessary business skills for running the enterprises.

Our Greate Team

Board of Directors/Members

Innocent John Umbulla

Company Secretary and Member

Helen Awaki Massay

Board Member

Richard Chancie Masandika

Board Chairman


Elihuruma Muchuno

Afisa Mikopo

Esther Jachi Sulle

Senior Credit Officer

Godfrey Anderson Nyatta

Operations Manager

(+255) 752 117 301

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